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660-Ton Crawler Crane for Phoenix Tower Chiller Replacement Project

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We’re excited to share an inside look at one of Houston’s biggest crane & rigging projects. The Phoenix Tower project was an outstanding achievement for Consolidated Crane & Rigging. Our innovative approach, experience and expertise made them the perfect candidate for the job. Watch this mini-documentary from start to finish.

660-Ton Crawler Crane

This chiller change-out project posed a unique set of challenges from a variety of factors, which contributed to the complexity of the job:

Rigging Houston Cranes Rent Phoenix Tower
  • Building height of over 430′
  • Restricted size of the job site
  • Unlevel ground conditions
  • Limited window to mobilize the crane

Upon arrival, we determined that the lifts we not possible with a hydraulic truck crane. Based on our experience, Consolidated Crane brought in a 660-ton crawler crane with 590′ of boom and jib.

With only a 2-day window prior to crane arrival, Consolidated Crane brought in over 200 tons of crushed concrete and more than 100 timber mats to build a level pad for the massive crane. This unique crane configuration consisted of 55 truck loads and required over 1 million pounds of counterweight just to raise the boom off the ground.

Delivering everything into the heart of Houston with a tight timetable was no small feat. Three assist cranes were positioned around the site to ensure seamless unloading and assembly of the crane.